Tableted salt

Universal extra tableted table salt is manufactured in compliance with ТУ РБ 400087365.003-2002.

Manufactured in tablets:
weight 13 ± 3 g, diameter 25 ± 1 mm, height 15 ± 4 mm

Physical and chemical parameters:
mass fraction of sodium chloride – not less than 99.5%
mass fraction of magnesium ion – not less than 0.01%
mass fraction of calcium ion – not less than 0.02%
mass fraction of sulfate ion – not less than 0.2%
mass fraction of water-insoluble residue – not less than 0.03%.



Extra evaporated table salt

Instructions for use:

for the recovery of ion-exchange resins of water softeners

Storage conditions:

store at a relative humidity of not more than 75%

Shelf life:

2 years

Net weight:

25 kg

Country of origin:


Types of packaging


25 kg polypropylene bags


25 kg plastic bags

Group packing

Group packing

1,050 kg pallet with stretch film wrapping

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