Extra iodized food salt

Extra evaporated table food iodized salt with an anti-caking agent.
Manufactured in compliance with TO RB 101191824.6.035 - 2000 (GOST 13830 - 97)

The iodine content in the salt is (40 ± 15) mcg/g.
Granulation: up to 0.8 mm inclusive – not less than 75%;
over 0.8 mm up to and including 1.2 mm – not more than 25%.
It is a product to prevent diseases associated with iodine deficiency. Recommended daily intake is not more than 2 g, which provides an adult with iodine up to 53.3% (80 mcg), with a recommended average daily iodine requirement of 150 mcg.



Polesie extra evaporated table food salt, potassium iodate, E536 anti-caking agent

Instructions for use:

salting and cooking

Storage conditions:

store at a relative humidity of not more than 75%

Shelf life:

18 months

Net weight:

200 g, 500 g, 1 kg

Country of origin:


Types of packaging


200 g PET can


500 g PET can


500 g carton


1 kg plastic bag


1 kg polyethylene/polypropylene bag

Group packing

Group packing

8.4 kg corrugated tray with shrink film wrapping

Group packing

10 kg corrugated tray with shrink film wrapping

Group packing

16 kg corrugated box

Group packing

20 kg bag

Group packing

50 kg bag

Group packing

20 kg cardboard box

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