Granulated salt for dishwashers

Granulated salt is manufactured in compliance with ТУ РБ 400087365.007-2012.

It protects heating elements from the formation of calcareous deposits, /strong> thereby prolonging the service life of your household appliances.

Mass fraction of sodium chloride - not less than 99.5%

from 3.2 mm inclusive – not less than 70%;
less than 3.2 mm – no more than 30%.



Extra evaporated table salt

Instructions for use:

for use in dishwashers

Storage conditions:

store at a relative humidity of not more than 75%

Shelf life:

2 years

Net weight:

2 kg

Country of origin:


Types of packaging


2 kg polymer bucket


2.0 kg plastic bag

Group packing

Group packing

16 kg corrugated box

Group packing

12 kg corrugated box

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