Standart salting nintrite mixture

Standart salting nintrite Mixture complex food additive for meat products is manufactured in compliance with the technological regulations of TR CU 029/2012 and TR CU 021/2011 and meets all requirements of TU RB 400087365.001-2003.

The content of sodium nitrite is 0.6-0.8%.

Advantages of using salting nintrite mixture:
- inhibits the development and growth of microorganisms, increasing the shelf life of a finished product
- significantly improves the severity of taste
- preserves the colour of a finished product for a long time when exposed
- eliminates the likelihood of an overdose of sodium nitrite in a finished product
- stable nitrite content regardless of the batch
- no need for a separate employee to control adding sodium nitrite
- saves mixing time
- can be stored in the same warehouse as food products



Polesie extra evaporated table food salt, E250 sodium nitrite

Instructions for use:

for use in the meat processing industry, public catering for technological purposes, the formation and stabilization of pink-red colour, salty flavouring, increasing shelf life and improving the flavour as a preservation agent.

Storage conditions:

in covered warehouses with a relative humidity of not more than 75%. Storage with chemicals and sharply smelling products and materials is not allowed.

Shelf life:

2 years

Net weight:

25 kg

Country of origin:


Types of packaging


25 kg polypropylene bags


25 kg laminated bags

Group packing

Group packing

1000 kg pallet with stretch film wrapping

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